Lindo Gatito
Lindo Gatito

Blanket 131x204

Enjoy the fierce yet warm Lindo Gatito hugs when you get home. A new and versatile product concept, because it can be a cushion, a plaid, a blanket… depending on your needs.

Illustrated by Egle Zvirblyte.

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Sometimes, you deserve a sweet welcome when you get home from a wild day. Your most loyal feline, Lindo Gatito, is always willing to give you one of its warm hugs when snuggling on your sofa.

Once again, Sancal blurs the boundaries between graphic and product design to create a unique product.

Lindo Gatito is a cozy blanket illustrated by the Lithuanian artist Egle Zvirblyte and designed to fulfil a very special function: decorate with art, humour and colour. A new versatile product that could be used as a cushion, a throw, a blanket… The user will bring it to life and assign the correct tag for every different moment.

One thing is sure, the soft padding is a harmless, fun and warm way to introduce a wild animal into your life.

Machine wash using the gentle function with cold water and a pH neutral detergent. Slow spin.
Cool iron.

Patterned textile100% Polyester
Interior100% Synthetic fibre

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