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Illustrated by Egle Zvirblyte.

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Ephemeral tattoos

Use your skin as a canvas for this seductive edition of tattoos made in collaboration with the illustrator Egle Zvirblyte and the typographer Marial_Soy.

This graphic form of expression and communication combines art and a great sense of humour, as they are presented as a fun and roguish alternative to conventional tattoos. Ready to show in just a few minutes.

These ephemeral tattoos are suitable everyone, timid or brave, young or old. Wear them on those special occasions when you want to give free rein to your expressiveness.


1. Skin must be completely clean and dry.
2. Cut the design chosen from the contact sheet.
3. Remove clear protective cover and put the tattoo face down on the body part of choice, then press down softly.
4. Wet back side of a tattoo with water and press down for 20 seconds.
5. Slide off paper backing.
6. Rinse the tattoo and let it dry for 5’ for best results on skin.

How to remove them:

Apply soap, moisture cream or alcohol directly on your tattoo and wash it until it disappears.

*Do not use on sensitive skins or people allergic to adhesives.

PrintedFour colour process

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