Although it is the fast food icon par excellence, this new version of the cheeseburger invites you to take life lightly and enjoy decoration. Cheeseburguer makes a fantastic collectable, or a gift for that special fun-loving person.

Designed by Geckeler Michels.

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Ornaments for our age

Berlin has become a thriving scene for new talent.  David Geckeler and Frank Michels bring that dynamic, playful spirit to these decorative ornaments.

The six designs are not toys and should be kept well away from small fingers, but their naïve style will transport many an architect back to the spark that ignited their interest in three dimensional volumes. Each piece is carefully crafted in Spain from solid wood and stained using the same techniques as our furniture.

Simply pile up the pieces as per the instructions to make a centrepiece or decorate a sideboard. Rebel minds will no-doubt create their own structures.

Its cute packaging can be used in different ways once you take your Icon from it.

We can’t wait to see what you make with them!

MaterialStained ash wood
Block pieces5
Sizes15×15 object
Packaging100% recyclable

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