El Garaje – Opening party

On 27th of June Sancal opened its first showroom in Madrid called “El Garaje” (The Garage). We enjoyed the opening party with costumers, press and friends.

Why “El Garaje” (The Garage)?

The answer is the location: an old multi-storey building where you can park everywhere, even on the roof. Within its bizarre passages lie most of Madrid’s printing presses and myriad young start-ups. Sancal’s design team have played with the disbelief of visitors to the showroom; the venue is the last place on earth they would expect to find designer furniture. The chaotic industrial building provides a strong contrast to the clean, neat showroom itself: walking into it is like entering another dimension, inspiring architects and interior designers to select the best products for their projects.

Curious? We have shot this video of the edifice’s labyrinthine of corridors: follow the yellow “brick” road!

Make an appointment with your Area Manager and come to Calle San Romualdo 26, 7ºA, Estigi building.

Professionals only.

YouTube video


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