Do you remember the Blue Book?

As winter draws to a close, let us refresh your memory.

The Blue Book is our new general catalogue. Following the footsteps of its predecessor (the Yellow Book), it contains a wealth of new photography in real settings. We hope that all of the scenes provide inspiration, but, if you want to know more, follow our lead and we will reveal what lies behind each image.

Blue Book Chapter1: Loft in Raval, Barcelona.

A home, art studio, gothic church and common courtyard all in one. We were lucky enough to work in this privileged residence, once a part of an old manor house with its old private chapel where the original owners would go to make their confessions in the utmost discretion.

Sancal - Silencio
Silencio armchair by Ricard Ferrer.

Sancal - City
City sofa by Rafa García, bench Nudo by Juan Ibáñez, Mandarian and Bang! cushions by Elena Castaño.

Sancal - Silla40
Silla40 by Nadadora.

Tea bar stools by Estudihac.

Sancal - Pion
Pion table by Ionna Vautrin and Silla40 by Nadadora.

Sancal - Pion
Pion table by Ionna Vautrin and Silla40 by Nadadora.

Sancal - Nudo
Nudo bench by Juan Ibánez.

Tecno sofa by Rafa García and armchair Nomada by Doblegé.

Sumo sofa by Yonoh and Bang! cushion by Elena Castaño.

Sancal - Hera
Hera armchair by Enrique Martí.

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