German Design Awards 2022 x Sancal

Special Mention for Remnant in the category Excellent Product Design (Furniture).

Only a year after its commercial presentation, Remnant boasts a new award. On this occasion, the jury of the prestigious German Awards Design has awarded this piece with a Special Mention for the quality of its design and the technical execution.

Remnant is based on the reflection on how the void gives shape to matter and reduces its silhouette to basic forms. In other words, minimum matter, maximum expression.

Supporting the seat required a complex feat of engineering to find a solution to get the sturdiness, stability and comfort that this design required: a triangulated metallic structure inspired by architectural weight-distribution techniques.

Another construction problem was the large volumes of Remnant. In this case, the solution was the division of the structures to facilitate the injection process. The internal structure of the armchair, for example, is composed of three pieces made from various moulds, while the sofa has been solved with four.

The surrounding void defines Remnant, minimizing material. In-house injection moulding and upholstery guarantee ISO9001 quality using water-based adhesives and additive-free FR foam under ISO14001. With a sturdy, recyclable steel frame using architectural weight distribution, it is tested to EN 6139 for severe public use.

The result is an ethereal silhouette with a floating seat that eases access.

This year the German Design Awards celebrate their tenth anniversary. Its international jury has judged innovative designs that provide answers to the challenges of our time.

We can only feel honoured by this recognition, as well as appreciating the work of the Note team and our technical department who have worked together to materialise this unique design. And, above all, we are especially excited to see the different uses of Remnant in the most disparate projects.

Schloss Eckartsau by Behan & Thurm. Image by Zoe Opratko.
Edwards Lifesciences Offices by Roy David Architecture. Image by Itay Benit.

Dowloand here Bim Revit, 3D and 2D files for Remnant.

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