Autentic and shapely.


This piece’s shapely ash legs, and plump cushions, pays homage to the songbirds of Spain’s traditional café theatres performing their “Coplas”. By using the feet structure to join the modules, the seating structure has been reduced to the bare minimum, leaving space for plenty of comfortable filling materials while maintaining compact measurements.

The Copla is a welcome, inviting piece both at home and in public spaces. The casual, cosy look of its cushions and striking, 21 cm tall, leg structure set the piece apart from the pack. For added impact, choose a wood stain from our selection of vibrant or natural colours.

The composition’s generous array of elements: armchair, sofas, modules and a corner module, enable the design to be arranged to the needs of each project. The best way to create angle combinations is to simply use any of the modules, although there is also a dedicated corner module if required.

The design’s fabric covers can be removed.

Rafa García

"The relationship between a designer and his pieces is so close and special that they feel a part of him, it is for this reason the designer always gives his all when creating."
Industrial designer.

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