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Interior designer Casper Schwarz researches on human feelings to design a hospital that looks like anything but clinical.

The hospital is specialized in breast cancer, that’s why questions about how patients would feel upon first entering were at the forefront of his thoughts when coming up with the concept. How will women experience the hospital? What will they see and what won’t they see? The C4ID studio focused on the human experience, right from the start of this redevelopment project, and didn’t think of the ‘usual aspects’ when designing a hospital.

The interior determines how comfortable you are, how much confidence you have in the medical profession and whether you feel respected. That’s why we designed this hospital in such a way so that the patient is at the centre, and not the staff, says Schwarz.

When entering the hospital, patients first enter into a non-intimidating central hall. Comfortable furniture should make the patients feel at home; Sancal plays a key role with its Float sofa and Cairo cushions by Karim Rashid.

Each consulting room has a different atmosphere and all are named after strong female role-models, such as the physicist Marie Curie and anthropologist Jane Goodall.

C4ID interieurarchirecten has designed an interior in which all medical facilities are seemingly taken out of sight, allowing patients to forget, if only for a moment, they are in a hospital.

Images by Han Nooijen.

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