A photographic safari in the Jungle

The Jungle “Catalogue”

Estudio Sancal has been on safari, with camera in hand, to take the wildest shots of 2018 Jungla Collection.

An opportunity to capture the best images of DB, Mousse, Mullit, Nido, La Isla, Tonella, Tortuga and Dumbbell in the splendor of their natural habitat and observe their behaviour in freedom, without noticing the objective of our camera.

An adventure to collect the best snapshots to illustrate the Jungla catalogue.

The dark, intense and velvety green of the binding of this new publication is inspired by the lush jungle. Once you leaf through its pages, the contrast of textures, colours and forms of the collection are revealed.

A powerful and vibrant catalogue, wild and innocuous, dark and colourful and now it´s hot off the press.

Enjoy it!


Mousse by Rafa García


DB by Santiago Castaño


Mullit by Yonoh


Tonella stool by Note Design Studio


Nido chair by Rafa García


La Isla occasional tables by Note Design Studio


Tortuga dining table by Isaac Piñeiro


Dumbbell by Estudio Sancal

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Graphic design por Estudio Sancal.
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