Natural designs that thrill.

Under the title Natural Collection we bring essential and exciting designs. For Sancal, good design should have the ability to facilitate our relationship with objects, instead of nullifying it; good design has the duty to eliminate the unnecessary until getting to the essence – but what is essential?

We propose looking into the past to rediscover naturalness and crafts in the way we produce things, and to bring to the fore the real needs of the home: living in a pleasant way in a sensitive and warm environment that represents us and surrounds us with objects that help us define ourselves, that express us.

This is not to neglect the future, but to give it another meaning, to claim a new understanding of habitat: less sterile, closer to our emotions. All-in- all, more personal. In this respect, we endorse the motto of Robert Venturi less is a bore and add: less is simply less.


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