¡Crea tu propio Museo!

Today you are the artist!

Museo is our most sculptural collection and, therefore, we kindly ask you to discover your facet as an artist to create your own museum.


As simple as creating your own original artwork. The concepts, colours, shapes and textures of Mujeres x Mujeres‘s artworks can be a starting point for your inspiration!

You have complete artistic freedom to use the techniques you prefer or explore new tools to create your museum: collages, colouring, drawing… Once you start to experiment, unexpected possibilities will arise!


«Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.» Pablo Picasso

1. Get your museum cut-out and gather all the materials needed for your work.

2. Cut out the silhouette of the building along the dotted line.

3. Use a cutter to cut the interior lines of the base that will serve as a base / podium to place the furniture pieces on it.

4. You have three blank «canvas» for your work.

5. Don’t limit your creativity. Choose any creative tool you feel comfortable with to style your museum. There are no limits… collage, painting, gluing things together… you can even paint the façade the building.

6. Cut out the furniture to complete your work.

7. Take a photo of your Museum, post your creation on IG, using #MyMuseoXSancal and and tag us so we can see the result!


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