In a climate of social movements, in Yecla, an incipient industrial net encircling the manufacture of furniture starts to strengthen. In this hothouse context, an idealist, autodidact and slightly mesmerized Santiago Castaño Carpena, decides to leave a good job in order to start a more personal project: the design, manufacture and sale of armchairs and modular pieces for contemporary homes.

There are so many things that have happened in more than 35 years of our history. We would like to sum up this experience from impressions and memories:
1973 - 1988
Youth / Dreams / Nonconformist / Creativity / Job / Craftsmanship / Effort / Perseverance

1989 - 2006
Expansion / Technology / Capability / Branch / Recognition / Internationalization / Contract

Evolution / Generational change / Challenge / Reflection / Expressiveness / Pleasure / Future

… and always
Family firm / Design Culture / Personality / Experience / Sensitivity / Constancy / Commitment / Tradition / Innovation / Accessibility / Discerning / Quality / Service / Value
When we think of Sancal the word project springs to mind, because this enterprise is much more than just a simple firm. Economic benefit is the objective of any business with a long-term vision. Nevertheless, the development of fabulous creative potential – to transform the everyday; to transgress the boundaries of habitat through design - is also an essential aim for Sancal.

The Sancal project maintains a continuous flow of ideas and that is why it is an unfinished project, which retains the illusion and the nonconformist ethos of the first day; which, as a familiar project, desires extension of its identity over time.

Despite all our achievements, we have the impression that everything has yet to be done.
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