awards and international recognition
Designpreis. Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany (Berlin, Germany)
2009: nomination

Delta Awards organised by the ADI-FAD foundation (Barcelona, Spain)
1997: finalist
2007: finalist

Design contest organised by the technological centre CETEM (Murcia, Spain)
1997: first and third prize
1999: first prize
2000: third prize
2003: second prize
2004: third prize
2006: second prize
2008: third prize
2009: second prize

Innovation contest organised by the regional office for industry INFO (Murcia, Spain)
2003: first prize

Regional Award of Region of Murcia Design (Spain)
2003: second prize

Prizes Awards of Arquitecture (Valencia, Spain)
2000: special mention to the best stand of FIM
Discovering 15 years of Design. Exhibition organised by the technological centre CETEM (Murcia, Spain)
2009: Yecla

300% Spanish Design. International Exhibition organised by the National Society for the Foreign Cultural Action SEACEX
2005: Tokio
2006: Lisboa
2007: Shanghai

Furnishing cession for sceneries.
2002: Todo sobre mi madre (Almodóvar)
2009: Los abrazos rotos (Almodóvar)
2009: El método Grönholm (Tamzin Townsend)
2009: Acusados (Producciones Ida y Vuelta)

Furnishing cession for museums.
2004: hall of the National Art Museum of Catalonia. MNAC (Barcelona, Spain)
2007: permanent exhibition of the Museum of Decorative Arts (Barcelona, Spain)

Casa Barcelona. Project for the Olympic Villa (Barcelona, Spain)
1992: firm team
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