The materials we choose will give shape and substance to our homes.

According to preference, we will opt for the warmth of natural wood, the liveliness of lacquers or the strength of metal. Upholstery is another element to take into account and Sancal has a vast selection of materials and colours to choose from. Opt for the soft touch of natural fibres such us wool, cotton or linen; for the resistance and features of technical upholstery; or for the feel and history of leather.

Sancal creates comfortable homes and, because of this, the density of the fibres and foams we use in the manufacturing of our cushions is carefully studied. Steady research allows us to make comfortable, firm and fire-resistant seats. Fiberdream is a microfibre patented by Sancal and it is able to simulate the soft feel of goose feathers, but has the advantage of anti-mite properties.

For more information about each material and the recommendations for its maintenance, please click on the following link.

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