our approach
Frontiers among the different habitat scenarios are less defined, with spaces converted into areas for the flow of humanity with differing needs:

Offices where we practice pilates, restaurants where we write e-mails, cafés where we take naps, libraries where we watch movies, waiting rooms where we feed our babies, kitchens where we chat, lounges where we study, bedrooms where we play video games…

Working and leisure places are an approximation of home and vice-versa, in such a way that our lives flow through multiuse spaces which we share with other people.
We spend more and more time in these public areas, destined to be friendly places, made more comfortable for all kind of users.

The Sancal Contract collection was conceived with the certainty that the success of our products for the home could be extended into the public sector: this was not achieved by accident.

After an extensive trajectory in the realization of projects, the need emerged to create products with the toughness required of furniture for collective use, whilst retaining careful consideration for the shapes, emotions and aesthetics of Sancal.
Without renouncing the warmth that the home collection emanates, Sancal offers new designs, together with the usual products, for the contract collection.

With a skilled combination of quality and design, we get the aesthetic durability needed for outlining public spaces which will continue to be valid in the long-term. Our competence and know-how are demonstrated by the numerous projects already achieved.
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